Busy Times

Hey! It’s been very busy with the project coming up, tennis and homework. I will start off first with the project, today we had the chef come in and talk with each of the groups which were fantastic to meet him and to meet who is helping out with this great project. Recently for the past two weeks, we have had tennis tryouts, which I have been very sore for the last few days since I have never played day after day straight for a week. Before I have only played on the weekends for my tennis lessons. I finally got my serve down to get it over the net, now it’s only getting it the ball fast, hard, close to the net and ground. This year I made it on the JV with Mr.Carlson as my coach, which I enjoy since he really tries to get us to do our best. For homework, I and a girl from my A.P. class (Shelby, COME CHECK OUT HER BLOG: –https://callahanesd.wordpress.com/-) have been video chatting for our homework which I think it helps motivate me to just get my work done instead of procrastinating. The only downside of it so far is that I have been coming home late with tennis plus with I’ve been needing to go somewheres else so we have to video chat and discuss really late which makes me tired in the morning (I am NOT a morning person unless you call 12 pm morning and I’m not really a night owl either I mostly like my sleep.)  To add to the AP promotion group we have been working hard at trying to connect up with news companies such as King 5 and our local newspaper the courier herald. Speaking of my class and I made our local newspaper (picture #1 down below) which was great promotion I think, and to add onto that I sent in another update about our project so I’m hoping that they will accept it and it will show up in the paper again here soon. I and another person from my group have been working on a few videos one which goes to another class which talks about them also joining our project and helping out the night of the cooking class. The cooking class will be held in the EMS home economics room at 5 pm on April 11.  It feels like time is flying by we are so close we are starting to accept food donations – if you would like to donate then please follow these directions – and we are starting to plan out the day and what it is going to look like. If you chose or plan on coming we will be teaching how to make homemade spaghetti with marinara sauce and fajita style quesadillas. To wrap up this post I will end with a few pictures of the class at work (pictures #2-#3.)

Picture #1-file_000-11

Picture #2-16178444_166241847195410_430388558256105069_o

Picture #3- 16179537_166886910464237_8947968334885131380_o.jpg

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